Wednesday, 7 January 2009

NEWS - Back Flips in Selfridges

Before the doors open to the sales shoppers tomorrow, staff at Selfridges will start the day with an energetic workout! Katie Cannon who was 5 times British Aerobics Gymnastics champion, is sure to put a spring in their step for the rest of the day.

Katie runs gymnastic workshops for kids called BackFlip Performers and is now about to give adults a chance to experience the Katie Cannon magic!

“Gymnastics is such a great way to keep fit – it improves co-ordination and confidence in kids and is a lot more fun for adults than pounding the treadmill”, says Katie.

Katie’s speciality is the BackFlip – the signature move for BackFlip Performers which she will perform across the stage. The staff at Selfridges will be unlikely to be able to perform a BackFlip yet, but Katie guarantees that most children given the right support will be able to do one themselves.

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