Sunday, 4 January 2009

IDEA - The Bra Strap Man

bra strap underwear lingerie
I was shopping just before Christmas and stumbled upon The Bra Strap Man in Tunbridge Wells shopping centre. His is a great idea; glamorous bra straps to wear that will match your outfit. This works especially well with formal wear, when a bra strap showing will really ruin the look.

Many people, me included, just aren't comfortable gong strapless or braless, so this is a good middle ground. There are many varieties to choose from including diamante, chain and beaded. Here are the bestsellers.

1. Black zig-zag
2. Double row black diamante / black chain
3. Crossover heart clear diamante
4. Double row black diamante / silver chain
5. Single row clear diamante

Has anyone tried them? I wonder how comfortable they are.

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