Wednesday, 28 January 2009

HATS - Beret Nice Too

I love berets and am lucky to be one of those people who can get away with wearing most styles of hat. Sequin berets are a great take on the classic and can be a really glamourous accessory. If you have something a little plainer don't worry though, just add some brooches to match your outfit for fashion perfection.

There are some great hats with felt flowers and other cute details like pom poms. If you want to be a bit edgier, switch brooches for badges. In this cold weather, anything that keeps my head warm is a welcome addition to my accessories hoard.

If yours seems to slip off your head, or doesn't sit quite right, just pin in place with some hair grips. Go for the subtle hair coloured ones if you want them to not be seen, or put on some bright and bold clips, if you want to stand out a bit.

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