Sunday, 25 January 2009

GIFT - A Valentine's Day Massage

I am not a huge fan of gifts at Valentine's, crazy as that might sound. I think that rather than spend a lot of money, it is more important for couples to spend the time together. However this gift ticks both boxes, as by giving it you also promise to give the massage too. The Bullocks range is designed for men, so the oil has a masculine scent, nothing floral. Eucalyptus, clove and camphor combat tired muscles, aches and pains. If your other half is the sporty type, they will appreciate this even more.

This is tried and tested by me, and in fact, I use it all the time now. Not just in a romance sense, but also because it helps me to relax and unwind before bed. Dim the lights, get out the oil, and make time for each other. That is the best Valentine's advice I can give.

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