Saturday, 10 January 2009

BRAND - Celeb Favourite: Gypsy 05

clothes fashion celebrity gypsy 05 paris hilton
GYPSY 05 not only stocks some great styles, it wants to make a difference in the world. "Good Planets Are Hard to Find" is the motto at the centre of Gypsy 05's ethos.

The one of a kind designs use organic fabrics, low impact dyes, and water based printing in every collection as part of a wider mission for environmental awareness. GYPSY 05 encourages us to 'Recycle, Reduce, Re-planet and feel confident' which is not a bad mantra in my opinion.

Denise Richards, Lauren Conrad and Hayden Panettierre are just a few of the celebrities who are loving Gypsy 05's dresses and other garments. Last summer, the fashion and gossip magazines were filled with stars in the block colour maxi dresses which have become a signature piece for the brand.

Here are some of my faves from the current collection...

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