Saturday, 17 January 2009

BODY - Bathing with the Stars

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Balton Spa are supplying some of their popular beauty products to the skaters and celebrities for Dancing on Ice. In particular, the 100% natural Face Mask, already a Cult product with many A list Celebs, and their 100% natural Herbal Bath Liquid.

The Herbal Bath Liquid is used by leading Spas throughout Europe. This product seemed perfect to relieve the stresses and strains, after the dancers had been training and performing on Ice! Muscles are eased, aches, pains and sprains are soothed and relieved with the Herbal Bath Liquid.

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The Bath Liquid comes in a 750ml bottle. Simply add 4 capfuls to your bathwater and lie in luxury for 20 minutes. The bottle is enough for 5 baths, and although it turns your bathwater black, it does not stain the body, bath or towel.

The 100% natural Face Mask is already a Cult product after appearing on How To Look Good Naked with Gok Wan. As both the celebs and skaters need to look their very best in front of the cameras, this mask would also prove invaluable to them all. It comes in a 100ml Jar which is enough for 16 full face masks.

Suitable for all skin types. For more information visit

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