Tuesday, 2 December 2008

WEBSITE - There's Lots to See at Lush

In the past I never saw the fascination with Lush. Friends of mine could not get enough of the fresh, handmade cosmetics and bath goodies. I just thought that the shops had a distinctive stink. Having tried one of their bath ballistics recently, I must say I am starting to be converted. Another reason to love them is the fact that they have a pretty darned good website.

I think it is great when a brand gets inventive, and that is what Lush has done, with Youtube videos of their products in action. The bath bomb I had was 'Sex Bomb' shown in the video below, which filled my bathroom with the scent of Jasmine for a good couple of days. It also contains Ylang Ylang which is one of my favourite ingredients because it smells divine.

At around £3 a pop the bath bombs are not the cheapest way to bathe, but as the odd indulgent treat they are ideal. Try the gift boxes for 'awkward to buy for' friends. The Lush range is massive with goodies for bathing, showering, hair and skincare so most people should be able to find something to tempt them.

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