Tuesday, 30 December 2008

NO NO - Worst Trends of 2008

Lemondrop.com shares its Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends of 2008 shown below. There are always those trends that get adopted by so many people that we soon get fed up of them and these are no exception.

10. Bowler Hats
It takes a village (of blond starlets) to ruin a classic.

no no trend fashion police9. Uggs
The gateway boot. First, it's the Uggs, then comes the jungle juice. Next thing you know, you're knocked up with twins.
  • The Style PA says this has been one of the most searched items on my blog over the past year and I can't stand them either. Knitted Uggs are a No No.
8. Celeb Perfumes
Because we've never once wondered what it would be like to smell like Paris or Mariah, and we're not willing to pay them to find out.

7. Gladiator Sandals
Somehow, those weird Renaissance-festival people convinced trendy young things to sport their garb, it probably involved some sort of frog potion packaged as a delicate cream blush.
  • The Style PA says I love a bit of a gladiator sandal, but to the knee versions just cut up the calf like a strung up piece of pork. Not a good look.
6. Fannypacks
Things we love: Fannypak, the "America's Best Dance Crew" contestants.
Things we loathe: Fannypacks, the accessory. Since when is it cool to look like a foreign exchange student at Epcot Center?

no no trend fashion policePhoto Credit: lil'bear

5. Sunglasses at Night
Because the same guy that wear sunglasses to the club is the same guy that is pushing his demo in your face and hawking some new energy drink.

4. Crop Tops
No one wants to see your belly. And Heidi Montag, no one wants to see your gross husband Spencer either.

3. Leggings
Cameltoe doesn't look good on anyone. Trust us.

2. High-Waisted Jeans
How bad are these things? They make even gorgeous Mischa Barton look bad.
1. The Ubiquitous Scarf
Dear Lil Wayne, Kirsten and Pete, Please put the scarf down and walk away. And that goes for the rest of you, too.
You can view the full post with images at Lemondrop.com

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