Saturday, 29 November 2008

WEBSITE - Discover a World of Fragrance

world duty free fragrance perfume
Roja Dove, the world’s only Professeur de Pafurms, knows a thing or two about fragrance, and has launched a new website in conjunction with travel retailer, World Duty Free. The idea is simple, promises to find you the perfect fragrance to suit you, and your destination.

Simply input where you are going in the world and whether you are travelling for business, romance or simply pleasure and you’ll receive a Roja recommendation of a selection of fragrances that will be the perfect accompaniment for your trip.

Just as your travel wardrobe should differ for a business trip to New York as it would for a romantic break in Paris, your fragrance choice can differ too - and according to Roja this is where most of us miss a trick. Just as you wouldn’t pack a little black dress for board room meetings in New York or a business suit for a beach break in Sydney, Roja advises you to apply the same thinking to your fragrance to help you effortlessly blend in.

Roja Dove began his career with the renowned French fragrance house Guerlain and has since gone on to launch his own perfumery, The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie at Harrods. Roja reveals,

“I have travelled the world with my work and I am constantly surprised about how many people choose the wrong fragrance for themselves. To ensure success, the key is to be as savvy about your choice of fragrance as you would about everything else you would choose to put in your suitcase. “

world duty free fragrance perfume
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