Saturday, 8 November 2008

PRODUCT - Don't Nip Out, Get Nippies

lingerie underwear celebrity
The party season is almost upon us, and that means slinky dresses, and dare to bare outfits. Don't make a boob at the office do, get some Nippies and save yourself a heap of embarrassment in the morning. Most underwear that is designed for strapless, or plunging necked dresses just don't have much staying power.

Nippies do! They are sold by Bristols 6 and unlike paper nipple covers, are made from real lingerie fabrics such as satin or lace. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they are also attractive and do not wrinkle either.
lingerie underwear celebrity
Celebrities such as Pink, Pamela Anderson and Christina Aguilera have all adorned their decolletage with Nippies, known as a 'patch of freedom'. With 4 shapes and 30 different fabrics the choice is huge and there should be something that will work for most women whether you want something discreet or plan on showing them off!

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