Thursday, 13 November 2008

PARTY - Get Lippy Website Re-Launch

celebrity party website launchThe Benefit Ladies with BB's Dale and Stuart

I went off to the launch party last night, for the re-vamped website, the online face of Company Magazine. Cosmos were served in a trendy club in London with a light up, glass dance floor. I took along a pal to scout out some celebs and check out what all the lovely ladies were wearing. Outfit of the evening had to be the brunette in a green, short belted dress, with a tiny black leather jacket. I love that look! There were also a couple of black sequin dresses, and stirrup tights on more than one person. I am still not sure about those!

Stuart and Dale from this year's Big Brother were having fun mingling with the ladies and Stuart seemed particularly impressed with the benefit cosmetics that were out for guests to try. I love the thrrrob face powderwhich just so happened to be a gift in everyone's goodie bags.

Party Gossip from
  • Make up wearing Big Brother star Stuart Pilkington exclusively revealed that he is releasing his own mens make up range at the beginning of next year.
celebrity party website launch
  • Dale Howard of Big Brother fame was stood up by reportedly new girlfriend Naomi Millbank Smith (from shipwrecked) and spent most of the evening texting and on the phone! Is someone a little loved up? Dale Howard also told Get Lippy that he will be bringing out his own aftershave by the end of the year!
celebrity party website launch
  • Another confident young man enjoying the party was Adam Child (Shipwrecked) who turned up without socks on. He must think he is still on a desert island!

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