Tuesday, 11 November 2008

HAIR - New Anti-Aging Range for Hair

Healthy hair changes over time due to a combination of everyday stresses and strains and our body’s natural ageing process. Charles Worthington explains, '"Haircare is an integral part of every woman’s daily beauty regime and it’s with this in mind that I developed the Charles Worthington Time Defy range. As we get older, we invest in the right products for our face so why not for our hair? "

hair care anti aging
Just as skin loses its ability to regenerate over time, the hair’s natural defence system is also affected with age, leaving hair more vulnerable to UV damage. From your thirties, your hair starts to change. Gradually the scalp becomes drier as sebum production decreases, hair diameter reduces, leaving it with less body and bounce. Hair begins to lose its natural colour, leaving greying hair which can become dry and coarse and prone to damage.

The Nourish and Protect formula of Charles Worthington Time Defy haircare combines fortifying ingredients such mineral rich seaweed and sunflower extract – a powerful free-radical neutralizer.

Designed to enhance and protect your hair’s natural radiance, early tests have shown that using the Time Defy regime increases protection against age-accelerating free-radicals alone by up to 61%. It smells good too with a fragrance of jasmine and freesia blended with crushed apple, a touch of watermelon and a hint of blackcurrant.

The range includes:
  • Moisture Renew Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Protein Fortifying Masque
  • Heat Defence Styling Spray
Available at Boots and other good chemists.

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