Thursday, 27 November 2008

GOSSIP - Alexa Chung for New Look?

celebrity fashion new look always seem to be first for fashion gossip, and they may have given us a heads up again. Here they reveal what might be about to happen in the New Look camp... says - At the British Fashion Awards on Tuesday night style icon du jour Alexa Chung was seated at the New Look table. Rumours have been circulating that the high street giants were on the look out for another celebrity name to add to their stable of designers following the huge success of their collaborations with Lily Allen and Kelly Brook - and by the looks of things they have found their girl.

New Look are keeping tight lipped on the matter refusing to either confirm or deny that Alexa will be joining the team, but as Gordon Ramsey has shown us this week, not confirming or denying a rumour is as good as admitting it's true. Let's hope so anyway. If Alexa's personal style and fashion connections are anything to go by it would be a guaranteed sell-out.

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