Tuesday, 25 November 2008

GADGET - Keeping Cosmetics Cool

beauty gadget technology styleYou may already know that cosmetics last longer if kept in the fridge. In fact many of the items in your make up bag have a shorter life than you might think, with mascara going off after about 6 months. Unfortunately it is not convenient to keep all your kit in the fridge downstairs and that is why Japanese company IDOCI have come up with a mini fridge designed especially for your cosmetics, beauty products and fragrances.

Hallyu Tech report that the fridge 'allows you to store all your cosmetics at the ideal 8 - 12 degree Celsius range. The appliance also features movable shelves, noise reduction features, and an interior light. The elaborate control system on the front allows you to set up a calendar, timers, and control the temperature'.

Great stuff. Now all I need to work out is where I am going to put it?

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