Friday, 21 November 2008

CONTEST - Design Clothes for Skins 3

design clothes for Skins
Skins 3 is coming soon, and the Skins creators are looking for some bright young things to help them with a very special project. They’ll be creating an online mini episode of Skins that will feature some of the series 3 cast. There are four very important behind the scenes roles that still need to be filled, and one of these is a costume designer.

The mini episode will be screened online in 2009. Entrants need to be between 18 and 23 years old and UK based. The closing date for all four competitions is Tuesday December 9th at 6pm.


Skins are looking for a costume designer to lead the costume design for the mini episode and style and/or design costumes for the Skins cast.

If you’re chosen for this amazing opportunity, you will be involved in the process from day one. You will attend the set of Skins series 3 for a week where you will get to meet the Skins costume designer and pick up valuable experience.

You will then meet up with the Skins team during the planning and designing period. Don’t worry if this is all new to you – Skins prides itself on spotting and nurturing new talent, and will be there to support you every step of the way. Filming will take place over four days and you will attend the full shoot to witness filming and make any final tweaks to the costumes.

Entrants need to pick a character from two choices provided on and design their costume. For full details and to enter CLICK HERE.

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