Wednesday, 29 October 2008

TIPS - Reader Recommended Products

The best way to choose a new beauty product is on recommendation from a satisfied customer. I asked my readers to tell me their favourites and here are some treats to relax you from Davida, 23 from Oxford.

True Grace 'As it Should be' Candle - £18

These seem to last forever and come in lots of yummy scents. They are beautifully packaged in a lovely cream box and the candle itself is in a decorated frosted glass. I recommend sea breeze or grapefruit although they do come in 40 fragrances so there are plenty to choose from.

Taylor of London Calming Lavender Ice Cologne Stick

Don't let the posh name fool you into thinking this costs a bomb - you can get it from Superdrug! it's a perfume stick that relaxes you. I don't wear it in the daytime (Chanel would never forgive me) but it's great to use before you go to bed. A fantastic accompaniment to the above.

Bath and Body Works Sleep Pillow Mist - $10

A friend got me this from America and it is amazing for those sleepless nights. Mine is lavender and Chamomile and came in a set with bubble bath and body lotion which are all really lovely. They also stock a travel range. I strongly recommend this product especially if you have trouble sleeping or are going away from home.

Bsq London Lime and Clary Sage Perfume - £9.95

I wish this was 'smellovision' and then you could smell how lovely this is. It's a light, summery scent but is a good handbag perfume as it's perfect for layering over other perfumes. The 50ml bottle is art deco style and comes from Boots. It smells as good as it looks on your dressing table.

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