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TIPS - Dressing for a Promotion

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Dress codes vary in different organisations when it comes to your work wear. However, there are some rules which it is still good to follow if you want to project a really professional persona and get that promotion.

Faux Pas 1. Wrinkled clothes.

Avoid creased clothes by only buying ones that pass the scrunch test. When you are in the changing room, squeeze the material of the garment in your hand. If it creases you may as well choose something else. It also saves on ironing, which I think life is far too short for.

Faux Pas 2. Being unprepared.

You might think to yourself that it doesn't matter if you make the effort today as you don't have any important meetings planned. Big mistake! That day might just be the day that something unplanned happens and you won't be dressed for it. An important client, a one to one with the boss or a news crew at the office. Dress for the day you might have and you will spare yourself unnecessary embarrassment when the plan gets changed at the last minute.

Faux Pas 3. Dressing for the job you have.

You may have a junior position at the moment, but you are probably aiming for a more senior one. Don't dress like the assistant, dress like the boss. It will not only give you confidence, but will show other people that you mean business.

Faux Pas 4. Chintz.

Fussy florals and pretty patterns might be perfect for a summer BBQ but not so much for the office. It can make you look mumsy and unprofessional. Go for classic and tailored rather than fussy and floaty. Some people say that if the pattern is appropriate for a man's tie then it will work for you in a business setting.

Faux Pas 5. Morning perfection.

Some people walk into the office looking immaculate, but over the course of the day get more and more disheveled. Keep a scaled down version of your make up kit including a hair brush and perfume for touch ups throughout the day. Always check you appearance before heading to a meeting or presentation. After all, the last thing you want is for everyone to be distracted by the spinach in your teeth.

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