Tuesday, 7 October 2008

THOUGHT - Perfume, Watches and Sequin Boleros

magazinesPhoto Credit: zαxεr on Flickr.com

Is it me or have we reached that time of year again already? The first sign of festivity is that my magazine pages are filled with adverts for perfume and watches. In fact I almost feel as if I am only allowed to get a watch or perfume for Christmas and I can't because that is what I got last year!

perfumePhoto Credit: Darwin Bell on Flickr.com

And must every Festive fashion special have in excess of 4 sequin boleros. I am all for the sparkle, but these come out year after year and quite frankly I am bored of them. Give me some other way to shine and shimmer at the Christmas party please. I am thinking gold and bronze for my frolics this Xmas.

Realistically though it is not a bad idea to get thinking about presents for your favourite people, and it wouldn't hurt to make a list of what you are hoping to get yourself. In fact it would be a good idea for everyone to come up with some suggestions so I can post a definitive 'buy her this' list for you to link to your significant others.

So what are you hoping to get in your stocking this year?

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