Tuesday, 23 December 2008

STYLE - Flickr Ladies Love the Seventies

Over on Flickr there are a loads of stylish people who post images of their outfits and I take real inspiration from them. After all, the designers take inspiration from the streets for their collections. As well as influencing us, we influence them. The wardrobe remixer's seventies style has caught my eye recently. Warm autumnal hues and layering make this a perfect look for winter weather.

seventies fashion stylePhoto Credit: No Signposts on Flickr.com

Most of the items for this outfit are from H&M, with the jacket being a Diesel number. I love the comfy boots, but am certain that my thighs would not work with those tights.

seventies fashion stylePhoto Credit: StrawberryKitten on Flickr.com

The shoes boots here are bang on trend and the cute Zara dress goes so well with those tights. Layering is always a good way to get an extra season out of a dress.

seventies fashion stylePhoto Credit: StrawberryKitten on Flickr.com

Great tan boots and note the statement necklace. Big jewellery is still a key look, and will continue to be through to spring.

seventies fashion stylePhoto Credit: hyena-in-petticoats on Flickr.com

An orange giraffe print dress makes this remixer stand out from the crowd. Look out for vintage pieces that will not be worn by every other gal on the street.

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