Thursday, 7 August 2008


I have an addiction for accessories; jewellery in particular. So it goes without saying that I am always on the lookout for websites full to bursting with the best in jewellery trends. Max & Chloe is just that kind of store. If you can't find something you love here then I am pretty sure you are not normal!

Many of the styles are simplistic and classic in their design, others are more individual and it is that mix that makes this website one that you will want to visit again and again. Perfect to find gifts for friends (or for yourself) and with options available to suit all budgets. My informant on the inside tells me to look out for these hot designers: Ariel Gordon, Jessica Elliot and Calico Juno. Some of my favourites are shown below...

Don't forget to check out the Max & Chloe blog while you are there. No one is better placed to comment on the season's key jewellery trends than the people who work in that very industry. They seem to have a finger on the pulse, especially when it comes to what the celebs have been adorning themselves with.
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