Thursday, 10 July 2008


Unique-Vintage brings fashion forward from the past
Pulling off vintage-inspired clothes takes more than good ol’ fashion sense; It takes the help of an impeccably put-together collection of unique finds that are classic without being kitschy, easy on your wallet, and don’t smell like your grandma’s closet.

That is where comes in handy. For anyone with the slightest love of retro, mod and old Hollywood glamour, shopping at web-store owner Katie Echeverry’s vintage-inspired clothing Mecca is like being a kid in a candy store. items include 1920's flapper style dresses, 1930's inspired bias-cut red carpet dresses, 1950's style swing dresses and pin up bathing suits as well as 1960's style mod dresses. For added bling, modern day and vintage accessories are also available. Yet despite the influence of these indelible eras, Echerverry’s items all have a hip and timeless flair that are perfect for the modern fashionista...and are not available at your local department store!

Whether you’re looking for a knock ‘em dead evening dress, a classic wedding gown or you simply desire to set yourself apart from the “off the rack” set, beats sifting through flea markets for that perfect piece. Log onto to view their entire collection.
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