Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TRENDS - Two Tone Talons

Photo Credit: Andra Marin on flickr.com

The new look for nails is two tone. Take inspiration from the ombre trend and go for gradients of colours. Monocrome is a great one too. Give it a modern edge by having a white base and black tips or even red with black tips to vamp it up. Red is going to be a big accessory colour for Autumn/Winter so make sure you have a red nail polish in your make up kit.

Photo Credit : Leannz0r on flickr.com

If you are feeling especially creative you may be able to create a dip dyed look with 2 or three shades of colour. E.g. a shocking through to baby pink, or navy through to sky blue. Start by painting the bottom of your nails in the darkest colour, then before they are dry, paint with the next, letting the colours run into each other. Allow plenty of time to dry once complete et voila!

Photo Credit: charleymot on flickr.com

Try these colours together for a tropical lift...

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