Friday, 4 July 2008

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - Raw Chocolate Face Pack

There are not many people who dislike chocolate. So the appeal of this product from Raw Gaia, is destined to be universal. In addition it is organic, vegan, chemical free and completely natural. The manufacturers promise that it will gently cleanse and promote a smooth and glowing complexion. Yes please!

Ingredients include organic cold pressed cocoa powder, sun-dried red clay, organic turmeric powder and organic amla fruit powder. That makes for a whole lot of natural goodness. Raw Gaia have developed a low temperature process which means all of their products retain maximum levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins. So I had to try it out...

The powder needs to be mixed with water to make a thick paste. Then you cover your face in the delicious smelling mixture. I used the back of a teaspoon, which saved me from getting too messy. Once on, I left it for a good ten minutes. The worse part was having to smell the lovely chocolate aroma and not being able to eat it.

Once the face pack started to dry, I washed it off. The dryer bits exfoliated as I rubbed and rinsed my face. After use, my skin felt soft and smooth and remained so for a couple of days. My sister also tried the product, and her face was sun burnt at the time. Usually, applying products to sore skin would sting and irritate, but she found this face mask to be quite refreshing. The natural ingredients were incredibly gentle but still gave great results. Skin was left moisturised and nourished.

I would most definitely recommend the product for an indulgent treat. It is also a perfect gift for a chocoholic friend as it really does smell divine. The best part of all though, is that you get your chocolate fix without ever consuming a calorie!

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