Friday, 11 July 2008


If you haven't heard about the FitFlop yet then you must have been living under a rock. The response to these shoes has been huge; some styles have a waiting list of thousands. Liv Tyler and Jennifer Garner are said to have them. So of course, I had to give them a try.

I bought the Walkstar which retail at around £36. More than I would usually pay for a flip flop admittedly, but these are not your average flip flop. The manufacturers claim that these shoes will increase muscle activity which will tone and trim the legs. Not only that, they suggest that they will improve circulation, balance, posture and burn extra calories. There are not many women who would turn an offer like that that down.These claims are built upon the multi-density midsole which stimulates muscles in the legs and bottom with every step.

When I first tried on my FitFlops, I was impressed by how incredibly comfortably they fit my foot. I have had physio on my feet and ankles in the past and these shoes supported my foot in all the right places. They don't look perfect, but they are a vast improvement on MBTs and any other walking sandals I have come across. So next was to take them on a proper road test over the course of 10 days.

Thursday - 4 hours walking around Howletts zoo
Usually after walking for this amount of time the balls of my feet would really ache. My heels would also be sore but in the FitFlops, I had no soreness at all.

Friday - 2 hours sightseeing and 2 hours shopping
Rather than give my feet a rest, the following day it was straight into the next test. Again my feet felt comfortable, even speeding round Lakeside. A slight blister on my toe was sorted out with a handy plaster.

Saturday - 2 hour walk
I left the car at home on Saturday and walked to and from town. Down hill on the way there which was a breeze. Walking home was a bit tougher though. The incline is where you feel the effects of the FitFlop. My muscles were quite sore after the uphill part of my walk, and I felt like I probably burnt more calories than if I had been wearing trainers.

Monday - All day at Chessington World of Adventures
Another day on my feet and still my feet feel great. I even managed to keep the FitFlops on while my feet dangled on one of the roller coasters. This was a really hot day and the shoes did not rub me at all which was a relief.

Tuesday - 1 hour brisk walk in the park
It is harder to walk very fast in these shoes than it is in trainers. My toes did feel a little sore after this walk because I was trying to go faster than you would normally walk in flip flops. My ankles and soles where fine though.

Saturday - 9 hours at the Mighty Boosh festival
I started the festival in my trainers, but once I discovered the ground was dry it was straight back to the car for my FitFlops. Most of the day was spent on my feet and waking up on Sunday the balls of my feet showed no sign at all of the strain from the day before. I was amazed!

I am convinced that these FitFlops are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. To what extent they can be credited for toning muscles is debatable. The one thing I would say is that comfortable footwear allows you to work out harder, and for longer, so in that respect they can only help burn calories. If you tend to walk a lot in the summer these are a must. Feet are cooler and can breathe while working out at the same time. I will be wearing mine to and from work for the foreseeable future.

See the full range here
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