Friday, 25 July 2008

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - Evolving Body Balm

I had not really realised before testing this product, quite how big the Badger Balm range is. Let me tell you; it has something for everything and everyone.

The Evolving Body Balm is lighter bodied than many of the balms and is made up largely of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a subtle scent of rose and honey. It is designed for wrinkles crinkles and shrinkles and is great for the under eye area and for preventing wrinkles and stretchmarks.

I applied the balm to the under eye area just before bed to allow it to really sink it. Skin feels really refreshed, but smoother and even toned by morning. Even my boyfriend has tried it and is impressed. His skincare regime would usually have consisted of a shower and shave but he has been asking for this product which really is a credit to its effects.

You can of course apply to the whole face, and to areas which are prone to stretchmarks. My only recommendation is to buy the big tub; you will be able to use it all over.

You can buy Badger Balms at . This website is a must for all things natural, eco friendly and organic and they have recently re-vamped the website to provide an even bigger range and an even better shopping experience.
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