Wednesday, 23 July 2008

HINTS, TIPS, TRICKS - Festival Survival

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  • Don't wear what Kate Moss wears. The celebs have luxuries that the mere mortal does not, so keep your outfit practical.
  • Have a meeting place. This is essential as you could walk round for 2 days before you find a friend.
  • Remember the suncream and reapply often. It is so easy to forget how long you have been in the sun. Or if possible opt for a hat that will shade your face.
  • Hand sanitiser is a must, along with toilet roll and wet wipes. I don't need to explain the reasons for taking these. Bottles of water for rinsing things off is also useful.
  • Leave the valuables at home. The less you have with you, the less there is to get lost or stolen.
  • Try clear wellies and wear some funky socks underneath, that way you can team with your outfit for a quirky edge.
Check out this video for tips on what to wear...
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