Wednesday, 16 July 2008

TIPS - Dressing for the Unexpected

What to wear when it rains in July. This is the problem that most women in Britain are currently faced with.

The key is layers! The British summer is unpredictable to say the very least, which is why you always need to be prepared. A few days ago for example, it was pouring with rain which is not the weather we expect in July. I wore a light scarf to make a makeshift hood to protect me from looking like a drowned rat. Umbrellas are all well and good, but when the wind is strong they are plain useless!

So back to layers... belted cardigans over vests and shirts are great as they can be discarded when things hot up. I tend to wear a vest under a shirt as it means I can catch a few rays on my lunch break (when the sun appears). As for shoes, if like me you have plenty, then there is no harm keeping a pair in the office and wearing more comfortable ones to walk to and from. It is also an idea to keep some in the car if you drive, I also keep a hoodie in there in case the weather turns, and I am stuck outside, or even worse if I break down somewhere.

If you opt for a skirt and are not sure whether to wear the tights or not, I would say wear them. You can always take them off later. I would also recommend keeping a hairbrush or comb and hairbands in your handbag at all times. That way, if it rains you can make yourself look presentable. If you are caught in a downpour and end up with frizzy hair, hand cream can be used (sparingly) to smooth down fly aways in a sleek ponytail.

In some countries they really don’t have this problem, but in England we are not so lucky. Forget trying to predict the weather before you walk out the door and prepare for every eventuality.

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