Sunday, 22 June 2008

MY STYLE - Outlet Shopping

Shopping in designer outlets just isn't what it used to be. For one thing, things just aren't that cheap these days. I remember getting three tops for a tenner, but not any more. And then there is the fact that the stores are not what I would call 'designer', branded maybe, but 'brand outlet' doesn't have the same appeal does it?

Anyway, I went to the outlet at Ashford today, because they have good sports shops and I was in dire need of some new jogging bottoms for the gym. I tend to find a pair I like and then wear them to death, literally to the point of holes appearing. When I am getting sports wear, my favourite brands tend to be Nike and Puma, as I think they are just more interesting and more fashionable, but alas today neither stores had anything good.

Turns out I had to resort to Reebok, and I hate Reebok! But they were the only shop that offered a standard leg length which is really important for me as I am super short. I can only imagine the type of injuries I would suffer if I had worn the long ones whilst running on the treadmill! The ones I bought are pretty plain, and the material is really comfortable and that is the most important thing when it comes to workout clothing. Hopefully, I won't have to buy any more for a while.

The only other purchase of the day was some Yankee candles... pretty much THE best scented candles there are. We got one for the house, and some air fresheners for the car. I am currently sniffing Vanilla Lime. Yummy!
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