Wednesday, 25 June 2008

TIPS - Borrowing from Your Boyfriend

You know the dilemma; you stayed over at your boyfriend's and don't have a change of clothes... Panic not! Posh Spice was recently spotted wearing the baggiest of boy jeans (I reckon they were David's), so dressing in men's clothes need not mean compromising on style.

A large shirt can work as a dress, just team with a chunky brown belt and gladiator sandals. Leave the first couple of buttons undone to show a bit of flesh and the look is complete. You can also team with skinny jeans or shorts with a belt worn under the bust. Ideal if you did something silly like spill red wine on your top.

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If it is a bit colder, try a knitted sweater as a dress. Again, a belt will stop it looking like a sack. You can also just let it slip off one shoulder for effortless sex appeal. A neon bra strap brings things bang up to date.

boyfriend clothes borrow

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Skinnies may be in fashion, but so are boy jeans. If you are not dissimilar in size, you could wear your man's jeans too. Team with a little vest to show off some curves, and a few layered necklaces.

The biggest look for Summer / Autumn though, is the grandad cardigan, preferably in grey, long and with pockets. So buy your man one, and then steal it! If you don't have a man, then buy one anyway, and you won't have to share it!

men cardigan

Last but not least, don't forget the good old hoodie. This one is not so much of a style statement, more of a functional comfort piece. There is no feeling like throwing on an oversize hoodie when you are feeling cold or just wanting to get cosy. I do it all the time.

Does anyone borrow any other items from their man's wardrobe?

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