Wednesday, 11 June 2008

TIPS - Bargains Burn Calories

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Most girls love to shop, and we all know the feeling of being worn out after a day at the shops. So why not combine shopping with your exercise and it is a win-win situation.

Most shopping centres open before the shops actually do, so get there early and do a couple of laps of power walking before opening time. Window shopping is optional but could also be a great way to avoid impulse buys by thinking through what you really want to purchase.

Make sure to do the stairs if your shopping centre has them and why not wear a pedometer so you can push yourself to reach a new target each time you go. The more you buy the better the burn! Bag carrying will increase the rate at which you burn calories and can be great for toning the arms.

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If all this sounds like far too much effort for you, then small changes can help too. Park in the furthest space from the shops, or save on parking money by parking outside the town centre and walking in the rest of the way.

Don't forget to wear your trainers, as high heels are only going to slow you down! Dependent on your weight walking for an hour at 3mph will burn at least 280 calories, which is reason enough for me to go shopping.

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