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TIPS - Mastering the Art of Sale Shopping

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Yes, sale shopping is an art.... well maybe not quite an art, but there are certainly techniques you can employ to make shopping more efficient. So many of my friends tell me they cannot be bothered to look through sale rails and I think this could be a missed opportunity. Be meticulous and follow these tips for fuss free bargain hunting...

Firstly, you don't even have to go into the store most of the time. Many bargains can be had from shopping online. Sign up to email newsletters for all your favourite stores and you will be sure to get advance notice of any upcoming reductions and offers.

Get there early. Not only will this mean the best pick of the stock, it also means the store is likely to be less busy and that the stock will be tidy on the rails. I can understand why people are put off when shops look like a jumble sale, with clothes strewn all over the floor.

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If you find that 'must have' item but not in your size, don't be afraid to ask. Many stores hold back some of their sale stock and if you ask the right sales assistant nicely enough they may be able to find what you are looking for.

Check other stores. A good clothes shop will ring other branches for you, but even if they won't, then do it yourself. Again, make it early in the day and they will have more luck finding things. If the store does not have time to do it there and then, leave a name and number. A true bargain can be well worth the effort.

Check the clothes label, not the hanger. Things often get put back in the wrong place or on the wrong hanger, so make a habit of looking at the labels in the garment. Don't forget to check if it is dry clean only too. It may change your mind if you have to get it cleaned regularly as the cost of that will add up.

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Further reductions. Sometimes items are reduced more than the label would suggest. Take the item to the till and they will be able to check. Likewise, if the product has been marked down more than the actual price, make sure you try and get the store to honour it. Most will.

Don't buy it just because it is on sale. Make sure the garment fits well and is in good condition with no stains or rips. Check the item thoroughly before paying as many stores have a more restrictive returns policy for sale products. Be sure to do the changing room garment test.

Try and avoid too many impulse buys with items that are clearly a fading trend. You are much better off spending on items that will not date so quickly. That said, if a top costs under a fiver then feel free to splurge regardless! Who cares if you only wear it a few times, you can sell it on Ebay once you are bored of it.

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