Sunday, 29 June 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Shopping on your mind?

House of Fraser Ltd

What are you thinking about right now? Shopping perhaps?

A survey conducted by has revealed that women think about shopping every 60 seconds. This equates to around 960 time a day! Cosmopolitan analysed the thoughts of 770 women between 19 and 45 for the study and the results seem to suggest that ladies are as obsessed with shopping as men are with sex.

90% of women would sulk, get stressed and angry if the couldn't find what they were looking for on a shopping trip. Some would even cancel evening plans as a result. It does seem that the thrill can be short lived though, with 13% of women getting bored of a new purchase after just two weeks.

2 in 5 women say they are obsessed by shoes and bags and 49% would prefer to go shopping than spend time with their partner. Even the credit crunch cannot 'stop the shop'. The average woman spends around 30% of her income on clothes.

Anyway I must dash... TopShop calls...

House of Fraser Ltd
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