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THE GRAPEVINE - Recession Dressing

It is becoming ever more apparent that living in this country is about to get tougher. The rising cost of fuel, food and utilities is going to hit all but the wealthiest people hard. I for one, don't intend on compromising my style for the sake of inflation. Read on for a great article on how to be stylish and save pennies - Courtesy of

Ten ways to tackle the credit crunch………..

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1. EBay

Perhaps the most obvious way to fund a lavish fashion lifestyle is to trade in stylish seconds. EBay was every fashionista’s best-kept secret long before the rest of the world discovered it (along with and

2. Swapsies

This can only work with friends or family who trigger ‘wardrobe-envy’. Sisters, friends, and mothers and daughters, have been borrowing each other’s clothes without thinking for years.

3. Factory Outlets

But, I Reeeeeeally Neeeeed It!” you shriek about the latest Jimmy Choo ‘Ramona’/Marc Jacobs ‘Casey’, like a demented six year old with a new Bratz doll. Factory shops are for people like you.

4. Make Do And Mend

Have you ever laughed out loud at the latest catwalk looks and thought you could do better? Your moment has arrived. Invest in a sewing machine ( and start creating your own fashions.

5. Go Gothic

Get with the latest trend for Autumn/Winter 2008/9 and give yourself a new look whilst you’re at it. ‘Nu Grave’, as they are calling the all-black romantic vibe, is a bit Johnny Depp (but thankfully not Helena Bonham Carter) in Sweeney Todd with a romantic dollop of the original Rocky Horror.

6. Think rich and Royalty

Even if you are broke, if you dress like a princess people will treat you like one.

7. Go Retro

There’s a reason Kate Moss wears vintage when she could afford couture. It’s not just because she can’t be seen to favour ‘mates’ amongst contemporary designers. Wearing pieces from bygone eras (when clothes were made to last by trained craftsmen and not in Far East sweatshops) somehow raises you above the ceaseless trend-treadmill fashion has become.

8. Be a trend-setter not follower

Spend a weekend going through your wardrobe pulling out anything you know suits you and that you love, regardless of how old or new it is, and whether or not it’s in fashion.

9. Hire don’t buy

Where to start with this trend? It’s going to be so huge. Websites like and have educated us on the sense of renting, not buying, “it’” bags.

10. Pretend you are a STUDENT

This season fashion actually gives a nod to Uni chic. Style yourself on Ali McGraw in Love Story, with flares, preppy knits and polo tops, long hippy scarves and hats. Everyone will assume you are wearing Marc Jacobs, founder of grunge, who uses Ali as a constant source of inspiration.

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