Saturday, 28 June 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Good (Mascara) Vibrations

A mascara that vibrates. 'Why?' you may ask and I must admit that I am a bit cynical myself.

Lancome and Estee Lauder are planning to introduce vibrating mascaras to their product range very soon, and the reason? A vibrating wand is said to cover more of your lash than an unsteady hand ever could. Giving great seperating and lash extension. (That's what they all say).

The new gadget will require batteries, and vibrates at 125 micro pulses per second. But despite the spin, I think this could end up a fad, unless women are blown away by the results. Heated eyelash curlers were all the rage a while ago, and I don't know anyone who still uses them. The idea of having to worry about the battery life of your cosmetics, seems like far too much effort for a busy girl like me.
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