Friday, 6 June 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Big Brother 9

Yes, it is here again. Even if you cannot stand to watch it, there will be no escaping Big Brother fever over the next few months, so I suggest we all get involved. Davina McCall I must say is looking fabulous, and is sporting a super svelte figure for the series. Expect numerous LBDs to be exhibited each week not to mention some flamboyant eviction outfits!

5 million people tuned in last night to check out the new housemates. Here are the motley crew and my initial impressions...

Alexandra - 23 year old accounts executive from Croydon. Perhaps somewhat overconfident and may clash with other prominent personalities.

Dale - 21 year old teaching student from Liverpool. Pretty boy who doesn't fancy having to work much, most definitely in it for the fame and girls.

Darnell - 26 year old songwriter from London. An albino who was raised in the US before being deported here after getting involved with gangs.

Dennis - 23 year old dance student teacher from Edinburgh. Fabulous and calls himself one in a million, I have to agree that he is.

Jennifer - 22 year old model and mother from Chester-le-Street. Opinionated to say the least, but I doubt her opinions are well founded which may cause debates.

Kathreya - 30 year old massage therapist from Kent. Self confessed cookie obsessed. How will she cope when the shopping budget plummets?

Lisa - 40 year old sales rep from Warrington. Bubbly other half of Mario, who will no doubt get a little jealous of Mario's fake relationship with Stephanie.

Luke - 20 year old student from Wigan. More than a little bit old fashioned for his years, he loves to wear suits.

Mario - 42 year old from Warrington. Boyfriend of Lisa who seems to be completely obsessed with looks.

Michael - 33 year old radio producer from Ayrshire. The first blind contestant to enter the house.

Mohamed - 23 year old toy demonstrator from London. Outgoing and seems like a bit of fun.

Rachel - 24 year old Trainee Teacher from Torfaen. Fitness fanatic who radiates happiness, will it last?

Rebecca - 21 year old nursery nurse from Coventry. Never have I heard someone scream quite so much, will be sure to irritate most of the housemates.

Rex - 24 year old chef from Hampstead. Quite fancies himself, lets hope he can cook a meal on the cheap for 16 people.

Stephanie - 19 year old student from Liverpool. Clearly a match for Young looker Dale, but how will she keep up the pretence of being Mario's girlfriend?

Sylvia - 21 year old student from Norwood. Likes to think she is a bit of a style icon, we will find out!

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