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THE GRAPEVINE - 100 Money Saving Tips

100 Money Saving Tips for Online Shoppers
by CustomizedGirl

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Online shopping is the way to go for a consumer looking for convenience and efficiency. What could be easier than sitting in your own living room, picking out a new TV from the comfort of your recliner? But aside from this convenience, online shoppers get a benefit that brick-and-mortar shoppers don’t – great deals and discounts.

Shopping online allows for simple and quick price comparisons between different merchants on virtually any product and retailers often offer promotions to their online customers that aren’t available in the store. Here are some great resources that will help you save money and gas.

Price Comparison Websites

Websites that allow you to compare prices on multiple items are helpful for a variety of reasons. First, they allow you to get a good sense of the product’s price range in just a few seconds. You’ll know the higher end of the price range, the lower end, and where to get the best deal. These sites also help you determine if you can save money by ordering the product online or if you’d be better off driving to a local store. Always do your research before you buy.

  1. BizRate is a great place to get price comparisons on a number of different products. Whether you are looking for a television set, men’s clothing or even just a pair of sunglasses, Biz Rate has the 411 you need to get a great deal. They claim they compare prices for items sold by “anyone, anywhere.”
  2. Like BizRate, PriceGrabber compares a plethora of household items, appliances, and electronics. You can even check out the price differentials on music instruments. Call them the superstore of the internet, their “Bottom Line Calculations” approach allows consumers to compare the final total from each site – including shipping and handling....
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