Thursday, 29 May 2008


For those who have yet to discover Twitter, allow me to explain. Forget Facebook, Myspace and Bebo, Twitter keeps thing refreshingly simple. No silly add ons, just 140 character messages that tell your followers what you are up to. You can keep your profile very basic, but it allows you to keep your friends updated without having to send them all an individual text.

Why not follow The Style PA on Twitter now. It is the easiest way to keep up with what I am covering on the blog, and what is going on in my everyday life. If you set up your phone you can turn mobile alerts on, so that when I update Twitter, you get the message via text. It's genius right?

I am even thinking of setting up a twitter account to keep my food diary. Sending a text every time I eat a meal will help me to make better choices. You could rope in a buddy to review your updates each day to make sure you are on track. There are countless other tools and uses too, like a tweet for every cigarette you have, if you are trying to cut down. Let me know if you have found an inventive way of using Twitter!

Go have a look and I hope to find and follow lots of you on Twitter very soon.
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