Wednesday, 28 May 2008

TIPS - How to do High Waisted

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When it comes to high waisted garments, I can do the skirt but am yet to embrace high waisted trousers. I am a believer that trends are only there to be followed if they suit your body shape and personality. High waisted trousers for example just don't look great on me so I steer clear.

To wear your trousers high you really need to be tall. For those of us not blessed with towering pins, it can be very unflattering, making us look shorter and wider than we really are. If in any doubt that you look dumpy, then throw on some high heels and that should give the impression of longer legs.

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Skirts tend to suit more body shapes, especially a high waisted pencil skirt (Victoria Beckham loves them). Wearing a belt around the middle will also nip in and create curves where you most want them. Tuck in a thin blouse for the ultimate in secretary chic.

The latest high waisted trend is for shorts and voluminous or circle skirts. The shorts are a difficult one to pull off, you really need to be very slim as they are unforgiving to say the least. As for wide skirts that start on the waist, you need to shop around and find a style that is not too bulky. Stiff fabrics can create weight where none actually exists. Look to icons like Katy Perry for inspiration on what to team with your high waisted shorts.

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