Sunday, 25 May 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Bliss manicure

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A couple of weeks ago I found myself in London with a couple of hours to kill. With a charity event to attend that evening I happened to glance upon my nails and was more than a little ashamed of the state that they were in. I trundled off to Selfridges in the hope that someone would have a gap in their schedule to tidy up my nails and make me feel a little more glamourous. After a couple of 'No's I set myself down on the stool at the Bliss beauty counter.

My manicurist's name was Dina and she started work on my tattered talons straight away. She chatted amiably as she paid lots of attention to my cuticles and softened all the skin around my nails. I very much enjoyed the hot moisturising packs and massage that followed which was especially relaxing and most welcome after the uncomfortable train journey I had just experienced.

I opted for a natural toned polish with a bit of shimmer and was really pleased with the results. I am not an expert on nails, but I knew she had done a good job. The manicure which should last about half an hour actually took a whole hour and I felt completely pampered by the end of it. My friend walked in just in time to get the money from my purse to save me chipping all of Dina's hard work.

But the best part of all was that it cost just £20. I would recommend Bliss to anyone whose nails could do with a bit of TLC. I for one will be sure to go back if ever I get the chance.

If you don't live near a Bliss spa or beauty counter then the Bliss website has lots of products for you to buy. For the ultimate in pampering try this...

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