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HINTS, TIPS, TRICKS - Easily Eat Less

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Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to your eating habits. Here are some of my tried and tested tips to avoid overeating.

  • Watching TV while eating can lead you to eat more. Sit at the table without distractions and your body will realise when it is full up and tell you to stop.
  • Variety is great, but when it comes to making a meal decision it can be a bad thing. We are likely to eat more if there is a wider choice available. Set out your meal plans and stick to them.
  • Don't make the bad things easy to access. Keep your chocolate biscuits up on the top shelf and you won't notice them every time you open the cupboard and be tempted.
  • Some would argue that you should never skip a meal, and force your self to eat small meals throughout the day. This is all fine and well, and will stop your metabolism from plummeting, but I stress that you shouldn't eat when you are not hungry. It is a bad habit to try and get out of.
  • Read the labels. It is easy to underestimate the calorie and fat content of your food. Inform yourself of the true values and you can make better food choices as a result.
  • Take a packed lunch. You can plan something healthy rather than grab something on the run that is calorie laden. I have a habit of buying a chocolate bar if I get lunch from the sandwich shop, but I don't have one if I bring my own grub. Instant calorie saving!
  • Eat from a smaller plate/bowl. Liz Hurley swears by eating from a child's plate and you can see why. Portions look bigger and eventually your body will get used to the smaller portions. I always use a teaspoon to eat my dessert. Lots of small mouthfuls are much more satisfying than a couple of big ones.
Does anyone else have any really easy tips?

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