Sunday, 27 April 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Asda bins Colleen

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It seems Colleen McLoughlin will no longer be the face of Asda after apparently becoming too involved in designer fashion. It is speculated that Asda have also been concerned about being linked to chav culture. They are looking to go upmarket, although I can't see that coming off very well, it would need a whole image change. So who will be the woman to replace her? According to various sources the new face of Asda could be one of these...

Carla Bruni
Hardly the girl next door. I can't see her fitting with the Asda philosophy at all. There is no doubting she is stylish, but I think it is clear she would not be seen perusing the isles in this budget supermarket.

Sienna Miller
She is a suitable style icon, but does she appeal to families in the way that Colleen did? I think not.

Helen Mirren
Many young Asda shoppers will probably never have heard of her. She would be great in a TV advert, but I can't see her modeling the George clothing.

Joanna Lumley
Hardly appealing to the 30 somethings that Asda is looking to target. All I can think of are those infuriating insurance adverts.

I say it would have been better to stick with Colleen. Asda are concerned about yob culture, but Colleen wears real clothes, is a realistic size and shape and has an ITV programme airing soon.
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