Sunday, 30 March 2008

TRY THIS - Flashy lashes

The latest cosmetic trends are definitely bolder than they have been in previous seasons. I have covered colourful eye shadows in this blog, but lets not forget eyelashes. You needn't have to choose from just black or brown mascara, why not jazz things up a little. I first tried this with a little bargain glitter mascara I found at Bodyshop a few years ago. I just coat the very tips of my lashes with silver sparkles, and it really adds a special something for night time make-up.

Why not try some different colours, jade green, teal and blue are always good. You can keep things subtle by using a normal mascara, and then just coating the tips with colour and this will just show up in the light. I did see someone with black and white mascara on and it can look really different and definitely dramatic.

Otherwise, glitter and shimmer can be good. Gold, bronze or silver give the lashes extra dazzle which can look really cool, but again, don't overdo it. We don't want to look like a Christmas tree, and not only that, your vision will seem as if a disco ball has got stuck on your retina! If you can't find a glitter mascara, then you can use a glitter eyeliner to coat the edges of the eyelashes and this is just as effective.

You can go the whole way and try falsies, or stick on gems. I personally think this is a little bit drag queen though and prefer to just enhance the lashes I was born with.
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