Sunday, 16 March 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Perms Making Waves

Latest figures from retailers such as Boots have suggested that the perm is the nations fastest growing hairstyle of choice. Women all over the country are dashing to get their home perm kits in an 80's revival.

I have nothing against perms, but home perm kits are not really the best way to go curly. It is always best to ask a professional, and although you will pay more, you may be able to avoid a hair disaster. Of course the best curls are natural curls, so if you are lucky enough to have them you will be the envy of girls everywhere, or so it would seem. If you are not sure, try curlers or tongs, that way you can change your look with ease.

Good PermPhoto Credit: Pavlunka on

Bad Perm

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