Sunday, 2 March 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Binning the Bag

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China recently took steps to cut down on the amount of plastic bags it uses and banned the production, sale and use of ultra thin bags within the country. China's industrial growth has brought with it mess and pollution, nowhere more evident than in the scattering of carrier bags. The Chinese government are trying to make people aware of the environmental impact of their actions by bringing in this rule.

Of course, Chinese companies are trying to get around the restrictions by exporting, although fairly unsuccessfully. One of the largest makers of bags in China has had to close its factory because of the new laws. Around the world plastic bags have become the most widespread green issue for some time. People are having to think of other ways to carry their shopping. Making bags from old clothes has become popular, other people are using wicker baskets, totes or trolleys.

I personally carry with me a cotton tote bag which folds neatly inside my handbag and means I rarely need to take a plastic bag. Any plastic bags I do use, are re-used as bin bags. I am conscious to never just throw them straight away. If I didn't have a car I think I would definitely consider getting a shopping trolley. It is only a matter of time before this old fashioned item gets a designer makeover, then we will all want one.

See what other people are using as an alternative to the plastic bag...
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