Tuesday, 5 February 2008

TRENDS - Geek is Chic

Photo Credit: Eddie P on flickr

The catwalk set about to make the uncool cool this season with Geek Chic being featured at every opportunity. As a specs wearer myself, it is great news. I am not sure how far I would take the look, but adding those few elements could keep you looking more stylish than the next lady and it has worked for Ugly Betty after all.

Dark framed glasses are cool but keep the accessories simple with them. Try shirts or blouses tucked into trousers, skirts or over a pinafore, or tunic dress. The Satchel bag and blazer complete the look perfectly. Orange, brown and grey are good colours, as are muted greens and blues. I would avoid the comedy glasses, or braces though. You can take it too far and this is all about using the elements that work, and leaving well alone the ones that don't. Get inspired with the items below...

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