Friday, 8 February 2008

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - Dentyl Mouthwash

I have found in the past, that many mouthwashes are too harsh for my sensitive gums and those which are designed for sensitive gums often seem too mild to really freshen my mouth as well as they should.

Then I found Dentyl PH! The products are gentle enough as they are alcohol free, yet strong enough to make for a squeaky clean experience. In fact, no other mouthwash works in quite the same way because Dentyl physically removes the bacteria from your teeth and gums. Not only that, it offers up to 18 hours of breath freshness.

The best part though has to be the flavours. Rather than boring Mint, try the Icy Cherry in the 'Exhilarating' range or Clove flavour in the 'Original. Visit the website for more information or buy at all good UK chemists and supermarkets.
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