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TIPS - Specs Appeal: Choosing Glasses That Suit You

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Finding the right glasses can be a nightmare. There tends to be a lot of choice, and in the end everything just looks wrong. I find that it is sometimes best to take a friend with you to help you choose and whose opinion you can trust. Here are some tips to help you decide what style is best for you...

Round Face - Rounded glasses are not great for round faces. Try a more angular frame to counter the curves. Try a frame that is wide rather than narrow.

Heart Shaped Face - Narrow rimmed oval frames are good but you can also get away with angular glasses.

Strong Jawline - Oval frames should suit you. They will soften the angles of the jawline. Avoid square frames which will only enhance masculine features.

Oval Face - You can wear round frames and angular ones too. Probably the easiest face shape to find specs for.

Oblong Face - Steer clear of tiny rims, or narrow frames. Balance a long face with width.

Pale Skin - Try brown or silver as an alternative to black. These colours will not be too harsh. If you are feeling brave, coloured frames can also look great. Try cool colours, greens or blues in particular.

Olive skin - Try warm colours. Burgundy and purple look good.

Sporty - Try a flexible frame, less likely to get damaged or broken.

Fashionable - The geek trend is huge at the moment. Dark framed glasses are great for this look, just make sure they suit you too as geek will soon be out of style and you still want to look trendy.

One to Avoid - Harry Potter frames. The designers may have paid homage to this pint sized magician on the runway, but you shouldn't.

My Favourite - I love dark rimmed plastic glasses. I need something long lasting and feel that with dark hair and a heart face shape I can take a wider more prominent frame. What do you think?

Useful Links

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