Sunday, 17 February 2008

THE GRAPEVINE - Spanish Stores told to 'Shape up'

The Times reported this week that Spanish fashion stores are not stocking clothes to fit real women. 10,000 women had full body laser scans in order to determine whether clothes in stores such as Zara and Mango were likely to fit. 4 in 10 women were found to be a size and shape that the stores could not cater for.

Many women know from experience that from shop to shop sizing can vary dramatically and the Spanish government is now looking at a way to standardize the sizing of it's clothes, and may abolish the european system altogether. I am a size 12 and have clothes from the same shop in anything from size 8 up to size 16. My advice is to always try on clothes when shopping, as it is inevitable that the fit will vary.

I personally believe that shops should stock in between sizes, especially in clothes where the fit is really important such as jeans and trousers. But it isn't just about the size, the study found that women's proportional differences were also part of the problem. So will we see clothes for 'pear shapes' and others specifically for 'apples'. Who can say. But the fact that the issue is being addressed will hopefully bring about positive change to benefit women of all shapes and sizes.

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