Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Which cleanser to use...
  • Milks, lotions and oils are best for those with normal to dry skin.
  • Foaming or lighter lotions are good for normal skin.
  • For greasy or acne prone skin stick to creamy cleansers and avoid any harsh soaps.
  • Before cleansing always make sure your hands are clean, and always cleanse before moisturising. There is no point moisturising a dirty face as the pores will be blocked and unable to absorb the goodness from the cream.

Photo Credit: montree_varietyart on Flickr

As for moisturising, listen to your skin...
  • If your skin feels dry or you have dry patches then make sure you are moisturising regularly, including using a good night cream.
  • If your skin feels oily then skip the heavy night creams and opt instead for a light daily moisturising lotion.
  • If your T-Zone is oily then don't moisturise this area at all.
  • Whilst you are moisturising, give yourself a facial massage. Use upward and outward motions with a gentle but firm touch. Don't forget to moisturise the neck too as the skin here can be just as delicate as the rest of the face!

Pore opening treat...
Try steaming your face to help open up pores and remove impurities. Pour boiling water into a bowl and add sliced (squeezed) lemon. Then put a towel over your head as you lean over the steaming water.

Photo Credit: Romeonoi on Flickr

For blocked or stuffy noses you can also add a Karvol Capsule. Inhale deeply to feel the benefits.
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