Wednesday, 16 January 2008

WEEKLY HINTS, TIPS & TRICKS - Perfect Brows & Shoe Savvy

Photo Credit: oliverdias on flickr


  • To tame unruly brows use a bit of Vaseline, or hairspray on your finger and push hair in the direction you want it.
  • To fill in brows, use a very sharp eye pencil using light, feathery strokes to keep it looking natural. If you have fair hair, an eyeshadow is sometimes better than pencil, experiment.
  • Invest in a good pair of tweezers. I like those with thin, slanted tips as thicker ones are much harder to use, especially on finer hairs.
  • Try marking a line in white eye pencil with a curve to follow. Don't pluck above the line.
  • Its best to pluck in natural light, in a non-magnified mirror. Do it after a hot bath or shower and it should be less painful.
  • If you have trouble plucking your brows then seek help from a professional. Even paying just once will give you a foundation on which you can base your future grooming.
Remember, eyebrows frame the face. Get it wrong and it's very hard to rectify. Follow your face shape, not the latest trend.

SHOE SAVVY . . . . shopping

Buying shoes is best done later in the evening, because your feet expand slightly throughout the day. This is one way to avoid the pinch when you go to wear them out. We have all said 'they fit perfectly in the shop' so now you know why.
It is also good for your feet to alternate which shoes you wear (see thats why us girls have so many pairs!) This allows shoes to breathe between wears and keeps them fresher for longer. Also alternate your heel heights, just as wearing heels all the time will cause problems, wearing ballet pumps permanently will ruin your arches.
I really recommend using a shoe spray and make sure I use mine after every wear of every pair which keeps them as good as new.

Every girl should have a pair of Mary Janes. They are pretty much a timeless design and are great with dresses or trousers, for work or for fun. Those below are nice as the heel is chunkier and longer lasting than a stiletto.

COSTER Mary Jane Court Shoe - Faith - £45

QUICK TIP: If your patent shoes are looking a bit dull, give them the once over with some furniture polish and a duster. That should do the trick!

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